2024 Projects TBA!

This year's projects are currently being selected. Suggest a project idea here.

2023 Projects


New Leaf Dems has signed on to the campaign to fund the MTA in the 2023-2024 State Budget. This funding would freeze fares at $2.75, increase frequency of service, and make busses free.

"The MTA is vital to New York City. It brings people to their places of work, worship, and gathering. It’s the beating heart of our city’s economy. And it’s essential to tackling climate change. Just as we fund libraries and schools, we must fund transit as a public good. Unfortunately, transit has suffered nationally during the COVID-19 pandemic due to lower ridership and decades of disinvestment by government." 

Read more about the initiative here.

2022 Projects


County Committee is the most localized form of governance in politics. There are thousands of seats in each county, a large portion of which are unfilled. County Committee members have voting power on nominations and other democratic party matters, so participation is critical to keep party power in check. This project's goal is to enable club members to run for county committee to get more affiliated with the Democratic Party and local politics. 

Read more about County Committee here.


In partnership with Income Movement, we are gathering signatures on a petition to ask that Mayor Eric Adams become a part of the coalition of a mayors across the country who support Basic Income. We will partner with other groups to place pressure on the administration to support a basic income. 


Our Club democratically selects organization-wide projects. These org-wide projects are short term. Ongoing projects (with an indefinite timeline) must be housed within a particular standing committee. We currently have capacity for 2 org-wide projects, so our project selection process begins when one or more projects ends.

The process begins with a project submission period where any member can submit project ideas, followed by a voting period where membership can rank their preferences for projects. The project that gets the highest rating is selected. This is followed by a nomination period for Project Leader(s). The Executive Committee then selects a Project Leader from this nomination pool. If nobody volunteers to lead the project, the Executive Committee may decide to not pursue the project, and move forward with the project with the second highest score.