Policy Platform

This platform was ratified by simple majority vote in February 2024. 

This platform codifies Economic Justice and Democracy Reform as the official core objectives of the New Leaf Democratic Club. These themes are subdivided into outcomes that are specific qualitative statements describing achievable club objectives. These outcomes are designed to be mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive

Economic Justice

Outcome: All New Yorkers have the means to secure basic necessities without sacrificing financial stability, physical health, or mental health. These include food, housing, and mental/physical healthcare.

Outcome: All New Yorkers, regardless of socio-economic circumstances, can shape their economic future at the individual and community level.

Democracy Reform

Outcome: Individual rights to direct civic and political participation are protected, strengthened, and expanded.

Outcome: Alternative complementary avenues of civic participation are nurtured.

Outcome: Institutions of power are equally responsive and accountable to all New Yorkers.