We are a diverse collective of New Yorkers who have come together with the mission to create a better city and a better government. We are a grassroots organization primarily focused on enacting Democracy reforms and ensuring Economic Justice in NYC.

Our club is lead by a democratically elected Executive Committee. We are project based, meaning that we democratically select club-wide projects as a club. To learn more about our current projects, check out our project page. We also have several standing committees that manage our day-to-day club activities: Communications Committee, Events Committee, Membership Committee, and Research and Strategy Committee.

We meet monthly in person and virtually. Find our schedule of Committee and General meetings here


Our leadership is democratically elected on a yearly basis. 

The next elections will be held in January 2024

Charles Neumann

Research and Policy Committee Chair
William Peng

Fundraising Committee Chair
Yoon Jae Lee

Events Committee Chair
Shane Moynihan



Our Organization is broken down into Committees that handle our various club functions. Any member of the club can join any committee and participate in committee meetings. 


As an organization, we democratically select projects for all the Committees to collaborate on. These projects are headed by Project Leads who are appointed by Leadership. 


Last Updated Aug 28th, 2021.
New Leaf Democratic Club Constitution and By Laws